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Market Validation Services
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 Step 1

Product Definition

  • Accurately define your proposed IT product (i.e. business tool or App), the value proposition and customer problem it solves, unique selling points and proposed functionality.
  • Competitor analysis - research what, if any, direct and indirect competitors already exist and develop a comparative matrix.

 Step 2

Customer Research

  • Define the potential target customer and market segments.
  • Estimate the potential number of customers per market segment, size and location of markets and potential market growth forecasts.
  • Analyze the research data, adjust the product concept as required, and position the new product on the comparative matrix.
  • ​Develop marketing and sales channels to maximize access to each customer and market segment.

 Step 3

Commercial Viability

  • Costs to develop a basic functional prototype for testing, feedback and improvements.
  • ​Costs to develop a fully functional product, from a 'ready to launch' MVP stage to a fully developed product with all features included.
  • ​Sales and marketing budget to launch the product.
  • Ongoing sales and customer support budget.
  • ​Forecast revenue budget including pricing modeling (monthly vs annual subscriptions, freemium to premium options).
  • ​Startup funding options including bootstrapping, external investors and mixed model partnerships.
  • ​Timeline covering the above steps of research, development and product launch to achieving sales and revenue milestones.
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